Fat Freddy’s Drop fly high with ‘Blackbird’

fatfreddysWe are pleased to welcome to our roster heavyweight soul providers Fat Freddy’s Drop, who are about to take flight once again with the worldwide release of their new album ‘Blackbird’ on 24th June 2013. ‘Blackbird’ is the third full-length release from the New Zealand band and will see them exceed half-a-million album sales worldwide, the result of playing over 800 shows in their career-to-date. This year, Fat Freddy’s Drop celebrate a decade of European touring and perform a sold out gig at The Village Underground on 26th June.

NZ Shapeshifter to release Number 1 album ‘Delta’ in the UK


NZ Shapeshifter’s fifth studio album, ‘Delta’, shot straight to number one in their native New Zealand on its release this week. Preparing to introduce their genre defying album to the UK, the band has teamed up with Outpost to run their high profile album campaign. With tracks already licensed to Hospital Records, one of the UK’s most prestigious Drum and Bass labels, the band have stakes in both underground and mainstream culture and can shift between the two as easily as they move through multiple genres.