Inside Tracks: ‘Nordic Noise’


With help from some of our favourite publications we’re bringing you a playlist packed with new Nordic tips in our ‘Inside Tracks: Nordic Noise’ newsletter edition.

Nordic countries are pretty alright at the music thing. We’re not pretending this is a new phenomenon by any stretch, we were all there when Sigur Rós appeared on the Simpsons, and we know Abba won the Eurovision Song Contest way back in 1974, but there’s still a wealth of talent flowing out of the Nordic countries and it’s showing no sign of slowing: they just won’t quit.

Alongside a number of Outpost clients like Smerz, KIll J, Sekuoia, Slowes, Felix De Luca, Baby Blood, BLØSH, we’ve also featured a host of incredible recommendations from the good people at i-D, The Line Of Best Fit, Ja Ja Ja, Nordic Style Magazine, NME / 6 Music, Alfitude and Swede & Sour.

We hope you find plenty to enjoy here, and if you’d like to know more about any of the artists included please get in touch. For any of you based in London you’ll also have a chance to catch our upcoming shows next month, see full details below…


i-D – Frankie Dunn

GKR – ‘Tala Um’
Sturla Atlas – ‘Mean 2 U’
Reykjavikurdaetur – ‘Hæpið’

The Line Of Best Fit – Paul Bridgewater

GANGLY – ‘Holy Grounds’
Dagney – ‘Backbeat’
Sigrid Raabe – ‘Two Fish’

 NME / BBC 6 Music – Andrew Trendell

Sløtface – ‘Bright Lights’
Strange Hellos – ‘Summer’
Bendik – ‘Kriger’

Ja Ja Ja – Dani Charlton

Pale Honey. – ‘Real Thing’
M.I.L.K. – ‘Following The Sun’
Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? – ‘Be My Baby’

Reykjavik Grapevine – Sveinbjorn Palsson

Jófríður – ‘White Sun’
Terrordisco – ‘Broad Hill Shuffle’
Alvia Islandia – ‘Bubblegum Bitch’

Alfitude – Alfie Hanoun

Allt har sitt pris – ‘Finess ft. Michel Dida, Simon Emanuel, Malou’
SKOTT – ‘Amelia’
foreverandever<3 -‘Eminence (together)’

Swede & Sour – Peter Quincy

Noréll – ‘The Great Escape’
Soho Rezanejad – ‘Shark’
WoodzSTHLM – ‘Tonari’

Totally Stockholm – Austin Maloney

Kine Hjeldes – ‘Morpheus’
Communions – ‘Eternity’
Moon City Boys – ‘City’

Nordic Style Magazine – Jonas Eriksson

Zara Larsson – ‘Ain’t My Fault’
Tove Lo – ‘Cool Girl’
Julie Bergan – ‘Arigato’

Outpost Upcoming Shows
Slowes @ Shacklewell Arms – 3rd October
Hugh @ Electrowerkz – 12th October
Sekuoia @ Birthdays – 13th October

DMC World Championships 2016

It’s been 31 years since its inception, and over the years, the DMC World DJ Championships has been a pivotal force in unearthing some of the world’s greatest DJ talents. Being slightly average DJs ourselves, we were super excited to head down to the O2 Forum Kentish Town to get the low down on this art form.


Too many Mel, too many many Mel…

After getting acquainted with Outpost’s MD DJ namesake Dr Mel, we decided to take our abundance of natural rhythm and learn how to use it properly at the Poppin’ and Lockin’ workshop, taught by the one and only Popmaster Fabel of the legendary NYC Rocksteady Crew. After Popmaster Fabel, we decided to hang around as The Beatbox Collective were set to teach us all how to sound like a human drum machine. Not usually ones for Beatboxing crews due to the often predictable and cheesesque nature – we were quickly blown away by the talent and charisma of the three members and after a lesson in how to turn “boots” and “cats” into kicks and snares, and create the famous turntable scratch with “error”, we soon fancied ourselves beatboxing pros.

dj-yutoFollowing a quick trip to the bar, it was probably about time to see some DJing. In the main arena of the Forum, we headed down just in time to catch the semi-finals of the World Supremacy title – the head-to-head aspect of the competition. The battles were brutal, and as you can expect – there was a deluge of technical tricks and beef being thrown back and forth between them. Eventually we were left with the two finalists, DJ Erick Jay from Brazil, and crowd favourite DJ Fummy. Fummy had it all; the swagger, the tricks and he seamlessly floated across the turntables, mixing and scratching through classic tracks such as MC Hammer’s ‘U Can’t Touch This’. But alas, his victory was not meant to be, and to the experienced eyes of the judges they decided that Erick Jay came out on top in this battle – a worthy winner of the title.

After the battle for Supremacy, DJ Woody took to the stage alongside a live drummer and keyboardist, to showcase tunes from his upcoming album. This was a great way to show off the turntable in a different light, and if you ever get the chance to see DJ Woody live, we would definitely recommend it!

It was finally time for the main event, and we took our balcony seats as the ten finalists prepared to scratch their way to the coveted DMC world title in-front of a packed O2 Forum. S-Trix of Germany was first to perform his 6 minute set. Years of continuous practicing had come down to this. Now, in all honesty from the reaction of the crowd it appeared not to be the strongest start to the competition and admittedly he had us scratching our heads at what the next hour will bring us. We remained positive as the order of the finals were determined by their respective elimination round scores.

Highlights came in the form of DJ Basim from Brazil – who’s unashamedly relaxed demeanor made him look like he was giving his vinyl a quick dust – DJ Brace’s slick technical routine, and of course we have to give a mention to the UK’s Ritchie Rufftone who smashed his performance. The eventual winner (spoiler alert), DJ Yuto whose performance wowed everyone in the room, from the complete DJ novices (us) to the most esteemed judges, and was touted by DMC owner Tony Prince as “something we have never seen before”. Big ups to Yuto!


Whilst the judges were deliberating, we were treated to more legendary performances from The Beatbox Collective, whose impossibly realistic sounds made us even more impressed through the Forum sound system; this year’s online team champions DJ Fly and DJ Netik, provided an awe inspiring tandem set, Killa Kela and The Spitkingdom Soundsystem, and with their first London performance in over 20 years, the entertainment was topped off with a pitch perfect set from the Invisibl Skratch Piklz!

All in all the DMC know how to put on a show, and the finals were a great education in the art of turntablism and all things hip-hop. Roll on next year!

Outpost ink sync deal with Jack Wills for ‘The Death Of Pop’


As the sun continues to shine and we drift into the coveted three day weekend, Outpost Publishing have been busy keeping on trend with the Autumn fashions – coordinating a sync campaign between The Death Of Pop’s shining shoegaze single ‘Don’t Hang Around’, and premium British lifestyle clothing brand Jack Wills. The irresistible tune, which incorporates 90s shoe-gaze with their self-styled ‘jangle-gaze’ guitar tone reminiscent of The Smiths, is the featured track to this year’s Jack Wills Autumn campaign.

Established in 1999 in the seaside town of Salcombe, Jack Wills is arguably one of the UK’s most instantly recognisable brands. Now a global brand, the clothing label has gone on to open over 80 stores worldwide including in the USA and Asia. Speaking on the collaboration, Outpost’s David Silverman said “‘We are delighted that The Death Of Pop and Jack Wills have linked up for this campaign – it’s a perfect partnership. What a great tune and a great video.”

jw no backIn addition to the track providing the soundtrack to Jack Wills’ autumn visual, the song will also be released across four teaser videos, appearing worldwide in the UK, USA, and Asia across Jack Wills’ social media platforms, website, mobile app and in-store during its three month roll-out.

Ollie James from the band describes how the song was written in one creative burst in the depths of winter – “We recorded the tune and shot the music video in one evening, and put it up on New Year’s Day. It was an exercise in songwriting more than anything. With this, everything just fell into place. It wasn’t over-baked. It was fresh.” In the campaign video, the hazy pop-track underpins a scene of friends spending the weekend together – disobeying the title of the single by, simply, hanging around.

Sync campaigns are a great way for emerging artists to gain great exposure and reach a new audience. The Vaccines, now one of the most exciting of British rock bands, shot to fame after their three chord anthem ‘If You Wanna’ was featured as part of the Jack Wills Christmas 2012 campaign, and how can we forget the tear-jerking John Lewis campaign that catapulted a then relatively unknown Gabrielle Aplin to the top of the charts.

This partnership is the latest in a long line of exciting partnerships put together by the Outpost team, linking artists we love to brands worth knowing. Outpost are always aware of a potential partnership with campaigns for Fiat, Red Stripe and Coca-Cola, and artists as diverse as The Cinematic Orchestra and KIll J. Through working together with the quintessentially British clothing brand Jack Wills, the accessible yet novel sound of The Death Of Pop is another example of a perfect pairing, which looks sure to gain the band an abundance of new fans ahead of their album release this autumn.

death of pop

Outpost x Visions 2016


Now in its fourth year, east London’s new music city festival, Visions has built a reputation for booking some shit-hot bands into a handful of Hackney’s finest small venues, and being on Outpost’s doorstep we thought it rude not to attend, and ruder still not to report back to you all on our lovely day out.

Centred around the finest venue of them all, in the traditional sense of the word at least, the St John at Hackney Church plays host to Outpost alumni
Young Fathers
later in the evening, but before we get to any of that we have to make a choice on how to start the day, and I won’t lie it’s a tricky one. Black Metal Yoga at Moth Club or a dog show in the park presented by Jen Long and judged by b&w1The Big Moon, Shura and Marika Hackman. As it transpired the dog show was pretty close by and we didn’t feel like walking further than necessary in the tropical climate, given the busy day ahead, so we decided to go with that. As a reward for our laziness we were treated to a bizarre spectacle of canine versions of well known musical legends such as Prince, David Bowie and Lemmy. Well done Hackney.

After getting our fancily-dressed-dog fix (and after getting over the fact we didn’t witness people in corpse paint pulling slow mo shapes to all the classic church burning anthems by Gorgoroth, Mayhem and Dimmu Borgir) we  wandered down to Oval Space for the first musical act of the day, Dream Wife. Coming out of Brighton, via Reykjavik, this female punk trio has started to cause a stir lately with their raucous live shows and charming lo-fi gems, and got us loosened up faster than any blast beat yoga class could.

b&w3Following a swift re-hydration in the sunshine at London Fields’ Pub on the Park, we made a sharp u-turn back to Oval Space to revel in the reverberated sounds of The Japanese House. Now, set delays are always expected at festivals, but after waiting around for over an hour we couldn’t help but feel sorry for Amber and co as even once they started suffered from a few technical problems. However, once the sound was sorted, she had the crowd well and truly captivated with her dreamy soundscapes and soothing vocals.

After the calming sounds of The Japanese House, we decided to venture out into the unknown and down into the basement venue Mangle. Here we were greeted with an onslaught of distorted bass and banjo riffs(!) laid on by New York’s hottest new hardcore group Show Me The Body. The room was dark, the amps were cranked and bodies were flying around all over the place – what’s not to love?


Ramping up the energy even more, Elf Kid and his crew descended on the Brewhouse for one of the standout sets of the day. The perpetual chants of “energy crew, energy crew” had the crowd well and truly fired up – drinks were flung, pits were moshed and there was an abundance of perspiration lubricating the ceiling, walls and floors. Lovely.

Next up was Yak, who – due to unforeseen circumstances – had to recruit a few friends to create what can only be described as an indie supergroup. Joined by Jono Ma of Jagwarma Leo from Gallon Drunk, Jay form Tame Impala / Pond, and Flash who gave us a helping of that sexy sax, the newly formed troop blew off the Moth Club roof with their hypnotic riffs.

In hindsight we probably weren’t prepared for such a high octane day but couldn’t help getting swept up in the chaos at every show, such was the electric atmosphere and quality of the performances across all the venues. We’ll be back next year for sure.

Outpost Newsletter [Feature Focus]

feature focus the 405 222

For the first instalment of our new Feature Focus newsletter series we ask Tim Boddy questions about the excellent ‘Pop Pups’ photo feature on The 405…

At Outpost we spend a whole lot of time swimming around the internet fishing out articles and catching the best music the internet has to offer. With this exhaustive knowledge of music coverage rattling around the collective Outpost mind, we’ve decided to impart our wisdom with a new regular feature of our own, focusing on our favourite, most interesting and creative features from across the web. A bi-monthly feature on features, featuring all our favourite features. Welcome to Feature Focus

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 13.16.34Over the coming months, we’ll be putting a little spotlight onto those heroes of creative excellence, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes, and we couldn’t think of a better place to start than with The 405.

One of our favourite features of late comes straight from The 405’s hallowed blue topped pages. Photo Editor (and all round good guy) Tim Boddy regularly heads out to meet his musical heroes and take pictures of their dogs for the perfectly PUNny ‘Pop Pups’. We caught up with Tim to find out why and what he’s learned from doing so. We think we’ve succeeded in digging deep into the inner most thoughts and feelings behind the concept and execution of Pop Pups on The 405…


Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 13.11.13
Outpost: So Tim, if we think back to a pre ‘Pop Pups’ world, dark as it was, we didn’t even know that people in bands had dogs. Now that you’ve made us aware the fact, it’s opened up a whole can of question-based worms on the topic. For example, one common notion is that dogs often resemble their owners – we want to know, from your extensive research so far, if you’ve found there to be any correlation between particular breeds of dogs and the genre of their owner’s music?

“Well I’d love to tell you that genre and breed of dog align perfectly so I could use terrible puns such as Post-pug (Pug-step will also do), Shih-shoegaze, Irish Wolf-House, and West Grime-land White Terrier – but the answer is sadly a no. Perhaps more research on this issue is required – musicians please do get in touch so we can arrange a shoot and we can get a broader sample research.”


O: Do you think it is fair to say that behind every great band, is a great dog?
T: I’d say it’s more behind every great dog is a great band.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 13.18.46 O: Has meeting any of your favourite artists’ dogs changed your opinion of the artist? People do say you should never meet your hero’s (dogs).

T: This goes back to the first question of dogs resembling their owners, somewhat. For example Will Young had the most lovely dogs, Esme and Nelly, and Will himself was equally as pleasant. So I guess meeting their dog(s) reaffirms what you may think of an act?

O: And I think the really crucial question here is, and I’m sure you have the stats to back it up… Pop Pups, or Acts And Their Cats?
T: Well I thought that working with cats would be a more relaxing experience, and an easier animal to work with (what with dogs generally being more energetic/boisterous); but this has not been the case at all necessarily. 

“It’s very hard to work with a subject that literally runs away from you every time you get within 5 metres of said subject with a camera – like who are you trying to be, Burial?”

To answer your question, Pop Pups has a slightly better, snappier moniker so I’m going to go with that for now.

There you have it, thanks Tim! We’ll leave you with this…

Image Credit (Top to Bottom): Phil Smithies, Phil Smithies, Irma Collin, Tim Boddy

Red Bulletin dive in to Delhi’s delights with Hashback Hashish

Outpost’s favourite champion of the New Delhi dance scene, Hashback Hashish sat down with Red Bulletin to give them the insiders guide to the favourite corners of his hometown alongside the release of his ‘Zone’ EP.



From Sushi for Brunch, to environmentally-friendly public transport, Ashish Sachan aka Hashback Hashish delivers the down-low on everything you need to know about the delights of New Delhi.

Head on over to Red Bulletin to take a read now!

Outpost Newsletter [Summer Sessions]

As we welcome in the official start of summer and start to pray the Glasto fields hold out, here at Outpost we’re gearing up for a number of exciting gigs and events close to home from a few of our amazingly talented artists. As long term fans of the iconic event, we’re also amped to announce the return of the DMC World DJ Championship Finals on Saturday 24th September, which Outpost will be ‘turntabling’ our talents to promote across a mix of online and print press.  Read more here.

Sorceress conjure up a sonic storm with their UK ‘Dose’ tour

Sorceress Dose UK tour square_sm

Having been championed by the likes of Okayplayer, Indie Shuffle and DJ Fitchie off Fat Freddy’s Drop, Kiwi four-piece Sorceress are bringing their soulful, funky vibes to the UK. Kicking off the tour on 24th June at Glastonbury’s Silver Hayes – where they will also play the legendary Shangri-La on the 26th – Sorceress will then take to the stage at The Attic in Bristol, before headlining an extra special show at London’s newly revamped iconic Jazz Cafe and shooting up north to accompany your weekend bier drinking at Bavarian bar Albert’s Schloss in Manchester. Performances at Yumuno Festival in Wales and Kelburn Garden Party in Scotland finish off their UK festival performances, before they make their way to HiFi in Leeds for their final gig on 3rd July.

Having been nominated as finalists for ‘Best Electronica Album’ at the 2014 New Zealand Music Awards¸ Sorceress are already one of the most widely respected acts in their home country. Boasting live performances which are both captivating and energetic, they’re definitely not ones to miss!

Aphty Khea descends on The Waiting Room


On the 28th June, the enigmatic Aphty Khea will bring her ethereal show to The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington, to launch her new self-titled EP via The Sound Of Everything UK. Khea’s unique sound harks back to a love for trip-hop and contemporary hip-hop, indentifying her main influences as J Dilla, Hiatus Kaiyote, Bjork and FKA Twigs, and her live performance under her chameleon humanoid persona promises to mesmerise as she brings her post-modern and experimental style to life in a way in which only she knows how.

Sofi de la Torre brings her R&B flavour to the indie Camdenites


Following hot on Aphty Khea’s heels on the 29th June, pop starlet Sofi de la Torre will be bringing her “Pop done right” sound to our favourite Camden boozer, The Lock Tavern. Citing her main influences as Drake, Frank Ocean, and Kehlani, her sultry R&B has brought her celebrity fans including Grimes, Hayley Williams and Jaden Smith, and has also garnered support from the likes of Noisey and Indie Shuffle. Following her successful ‘Mess EP’ last year, her feisty new single ‘Sit Down’ combines electronic beats with subtle hints of Scandi-pop inspired by her ongoing collaboration with Finnish producer Jonas Karlsson.

Hackney kicks off the season with their celebratory Summer Fete

FB Cover

After last year’s success, our favourite local Hackney Summer Fete returns on the 9th July at St John at Hackney Church, with crowds of over 10,000 people expected to descend upon the award winning parkland, which plays host to a large festival field, a walled kids’ garden and woodland areas. Featuring something for everyone, Hackney natives Five Points Brewery will be hosting their London Brewer’s Market and East London Vintage Fair will showcase an amazing mix of stalls ranging from flea market finds to high end haute, whilst a petting zoo and arts & crafts stalls provide entertainment for the little ones. There will be live music from acts such as DJ Bootsy and daytime rave luminary Giles Smith, while TWIST Theatre Company stop off on their way up to Edinburgh Fringe to treat locals to a special performance. With many more exciting acts, and plenty of food and drink provided by Brew For Two cafe, there’s no better way to experience Hackney in all its glory – see you there!

As the festival season heats up and the summer calendar starts filling out, we’re continuing to work with the best in fresh up and coming artists across the globe – from rising reggae star ORieL, who recently unveiled his new single ‘Babylon System’, to dreamy Danish duo Slowes, alongside representing Exploited label founder and internationally renowned DJ and remixer Shir Khan, and continuing our relationship with artist-focused label Def Disco to promote indie electro-pop duo Bella Loka. With talent this good from all over the border, let’s hope music rather than Europe continues to be the headline act!

Outpost Newsletter [Spring Successes]

As the sun starts to show its face again, it’s full steam ahead at Outpost as we make the charge towards the summer. In what’s been another busy month in the office, we’ve been working hard in bringing a deluge of talented artists from across the globe to some of music’s biggest tastemakers.

Label Love

As well as working with up-and-coming artists and exciting local events, we’re proud to work with a number of eclectic labels. This month, we continue to lead the way for emerging artists signed to some of the world’s most interesting and unique examples.

Hot Gem Tunes

Working alongside alternative Scottish label Hot Gem Tunes, we’ve been promoting three of their hugely talented artists.

An experimental musician and visual artist, folktronica heroine Monkoora dropped her new mini-LP, ‘Pale Slopes’, on 29th April with a premiere on God Is In The TV Zine and recently composed all the music for four short ‘Survivor’ films for Rape Crisis. Meanwhile, ambient Glaswegian trio Machines In Heaven return with their new album, the hypnotic ‘Phenomenology’. Due on 13th May, their new material has already garnered support from BBC 6Music’s Nemone, alongside airplay on Amazing Radio and a premiere confirmed on Complex UK.

Also this month, Outpost have started working with Colombian psych-wave artist OKRAA. The producer’s unique and psychedelic take on electro has earned him plaudits from the likes of BBC Radio 1, KEXP and DJ Mag in the past, and we’re looking to take him to ever greater heights with his trippy new single ‘Mineral’, which will be released on 3rd June.

PicMonkey Collage Hot Gem Tunes

Nowadays Records

Continuing our French takeover, with successful campaigns over the past months for the likes of TOYS, Superpoze and KCPK, this month we’ve also been promoting a number of artists on Paris-based label Nowadays Records.

Setting the cogs in motion for producer Jumo, we recently secured a video premiere on Clash alongside track support from Indie Shuffle ahead of the release of his new ‘Nomade’ EP on 20th May. Preparing his own EP release in the form of a single collaboration with Outpost favourite KIll J, is Danish producer Sekuoia. Ready to drop on 27th May, ‘Lamp In The Dark’ is a twisted and dramatic tour-de-force of pop and chillwave combined.

PicMonkey Collage Nowadays

Campaign Focus: Artists

Alek Fin & Galun

Following the success of their previous collaboration ‘Golden, Blinding’, Californian singer Alek Fin and Moscow-based producer Galun have teamed up once again on beguiling new EP, ‘Strannik’. As momentum for the EP builds – with early support from the likes of Twisted Male Mag and others – Alek Fin & Galun will premiere lead single ‘Ionosphere’ on The Line of Best Fit.


3rd June will see the release of Lovestarrs’ newly re-launched single ‘Get Your Sexy On’, a song that has drawn the attention of The Guardian in the past. The slick electronic outfit, formerly known as The Good Natured during their Parlophone/EMI days, are readying their return with their forthcoming LP ‘Planet Lovestarr’, set for release in August 2016.


Creative nu-jazz outfit Kinkajous are preparing the release of their new ‘Staring At The Odds’ EP. Already garnering support from Stamp The Wax and set to drop on 3rd June 2016, the record will follow up the band’s titular debut EP from 2014, which won the approval of BBC 6 Music’s Gilles Peterson.



With their chillwave-influenced sound and rich synth textures, London-based art pop project KYOTI recently premiered their debut single ‘Cave In’ via Clash. Further support has followed from Indie Shuffle and a host of Hype Machine blogs, ahead of the release of the single’s accompanying visuals and a confirmed Sofar session.



Jovel_Shot_1_smWe’re also excited to begin our work with London-based singer and rapper Jovel and his new ‘The Void’ EP, set for release on 20th June. Coinciding with his innovative 25-part ‘The Void: An Instagram Movie’ – a compilation of fresh footage that interlink the EP’s four tracks and videos together – Jovel is set to premiere his new video this week through Kaltblut.


Campaign Focus: Events

Art Department

Later this month, label, brand and all-round music institution Renaissance will celebrate their return to the safe hands of founder Geoff Oakes with a mammoth launch gig at London’s The Steel Yard. With critically acclaimed techno lords Art Department headlining, and support from Chaim, Samu.I and August Artier, Saturday 21st May looks set to be a night of full blown party antics and sublime electro music. In other words, it’s the perfect way to welcome Renaissance back with a bang.

Artists we’re also working with…

Goldilox – ‘Human Nature’ – 13th May
Astroid Boys – ‘Fallback’ – 27th May
Laura Jae – ‘Underwater’ – 3rd June
Baby Blood – ‘Await The Coven’ EP – 17th June
MODEL 86 – ‘When You Realise People Are Not One Dimensional Characters In A Movie Of Your Life’ – 8th July

And Finally

Later this month, we are excited to begin working with latin-ska outfit They Say Jump on their EP, as well as WorldAReggae-approved sensation ORieL and his remix of his 2013 single ‘Confidence’, with producer and keyboardist Tremma.

PicMonkey Collage ORIEL

Once again, we’re off to Brighton’s The Great Escape Festival this month in search of fantastic music and (fingers crossed) lots of sunshine. With the great British summer just around the corner, it’s nearly time to put on your shades and head straight out to a beer garden. So, if you’re about in Brighton over the festival, come grab a drink and say hi!

Check out the artists we’re currently working on by clicking below, or click here.
Soundcloud pic

Huck Magazine Meets KIll J


Huck Magazine caught up with Danish electro-pop sensation KIll J during her recent visit to London to chat about women in music in the aftermath of her session at Maida Vale Studios for BBC Radio 1.

Covering everything from her classically trained music background, to her “quarter-life crisis” moving to California at the age of 19, as well as picking the brains of the pop-goddess on taking on an industry dominated by men.

Head on over to Huck Magazine to take a read now!