Why choose us?

Our distribution arm offers a professional service for independent labels and artists who are as passionate about music as we are. We provide our labels with the tools and know-how to successfully promote and distribute their releases.

Intuitive Client Console

Our console links you directly to all leading online and mobile stores worldwide giving you total visibility on the status of your release. It allows you to easily schedule your releases, view your sales reports and gives you access to analytics tools.

Powerful Promotion Options

As a music services company we understand the importance of promoting a new release. We can bolt on powerful promotion packages to all of your releases granting access to our network of media contacts.


You keep 100% of your music rights and our agreements are flexible with only 30 days notice.

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Stores & Outlets

7 digital
Google Play

+ many more


3 Bar Fire
Ben Hayes
Cujo Records
New Town Kings
Silent Rooms
Silver Man
Them There
Two Rivers
Vampire Records
Vox Humana
Youth Control


Is there a tie in period?
Our contracts are flexible and you can cancel with 30 days notice.

Is there a yearly fee?
Yes. A yearly subscription fee of £69 allows you to distribute an unlimited amount of music. There may also be an additional fee of £29 if your music is to be distributed to Beatport, Boomkat and Bleep.

Do you take a percentage?
Yes. We charge 20% commission on sales.

How do I upload my tracks?
To upload your music, log in to the client console which can be found in the top right hand corner of the Outpost Distribution page – click ‘Create Product’ and follow the simple steps. If you need any further assistance head over to the INgrooves help centre.

Where will you send my music?
We distribute your music to 600 stores across 100 territories. Beatport, Boomkat and Bleep can be included (additional charge applies)

How far in advance would you need all my assets?
All content should be submitted 5-6 weeks prior to its release date.

How long does it take from music submission to be seen in the stores?
Your release can be live in iTunes within 3 working days however to ensure all stores become live simultaneously we advice allowing up to four weeks.*
* Please remember these are approximate timeframes and should be used as guidelines only

Do you have a relationship with Beatport and if so will you get my track on their site?
Yes. We can offer this service to you, however as Beatport is a boutique dance music/electronic store not all releases will be approved. If your release isn’t approved, we will notify you and refund you.

Why is there an additional cost to get my music on Beatport?
Beatport, has a manual process (set up label, upload etc), we therefore need to charge an admin fee for the additional work incurred.

Does Outpost cover YouTube and if so how does it even work?
Yes. We help you to monetise the use of your songs across the entire YouTube platform. YouTube Content ID allows you to claim royalties for videos you have uploaded AND from other user’s submissions. Claims we can assist you with can be via:

  • Other user’s who have sampled or used your music in their own videos
  • Unplugged sessions and tour videos
  • User Uploaded Live Performances

What if I’ve spotted a mistake on the content I’ve provided you with?
Don’t panic! We are here to help. If you have made an error on your upload send an email to office@outpostgroup.co.uk with your UPC and we will get it amended for you.

When do I get paid my royalties?
We generate monthly statements. When you sign up, we will provide a login to your own private console where you can view your monthly statements.

How do I get paid?
Once you have reached an accumulative total of £175, you will receive your royalties. Every month we calculate the royalties you have received in the previous month and once you reach the threshold, we will ask you to email us an invoice for your payment.

Can I remove releases? And if so, how long will this take?
Yes. You can issue a ‘takedown’ from within your console, or alternatively, send us an email on office@outpostgroup.co.uk with the Unique Product Code (UPC) for your release and we will remove it for you. It may take up to 4 weeks to be removed from all stores.

I am already with another distributor – how can I switch to Outpost Distribution?
This is a simple process whereby we arrange the upload of your music as we would normally, and then once this is live on stores, we issue a takedown notice to your old distributor. This ensures you have no ‘downtime’ and all your releases gain maximum revenue potential.