Did you know that just one play on BBC Radio 1 and one gig at a medium sized venue would earn you the same amount of income as 15,000 streams on Spotify? When you put it in that context, you start to see how valuable publishing income really is.

Our publishing administration service takes all the complicated publishing stuff out of the equation and allows you to focus on what you do best – making music. We monetise your music by registering your tracks with the relevant music industry bodies and collecting the royalties you are owed (such as those generated by radio plays and gigs). We unlock the hidden potential in your music and help navigate the complicated waters of the publishing world.

Broadcasting Royalties

Receiving radio airplay or being featured on television can be valuable revenue streams. As a songwriter you are entitled to royalties each time your music is played on a radio station or broadcast on television.

Performance Royalties

As a songwriter you are entitled to collect royalties for the vast majority of your performances (dependent on venue size, ticket price etc.)

You can expect the receive £5-£6 for playing a gig at a smaller venue, £250 for a mid-size venue (2000 people) and up to £1500 for a large venue (13000+). Performance royalties are also paid for festival performances.

Mechanical Royalties

Broadcast – If your music is broadcast on a commercial TV station you will also receive mechanical royalties as well as broadcast royalties.
Online – Royalties collected from streaming, podcasts and webcasting services.
Physical/Digital Sales – Every time that your music is sold online or physically, approximately 8.5% of the dealer price is paid to the MCPS and distributed to the songwriter as mechanical royalties.
Compilation CDs – Being featured on a compilation CD can be a lucrative source of mechanical royalties.


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Apart from the commission, are there any other charges?
No not at all. We will only ever take the commission stated in the contract.

Do I have to be a member of ‘PRS for music’, or another collection society?
Not with Outpost Publishing. Independent and unsigned artists can avoid joining a society themselves and instead collect maximum royalties through our professional collection service. However, if you are already a member of PRS or a similar service then Outpost can help you maximise the royalties you should be receiving by undertaking the administration ourselves.

Can I receive royalties for airplay my music has already had/ gigs I have already played?
This is true, if you are a member of a society you can go up to twelve months back but if you are not a member then you can go up to six months back with some societies.

How much will I be paid per gig? And will my local venue be charged if I make a claim for a gig there?
How much money you receive is dependent on many factors – take a look at our ‘publishing’ page for more information.

And no, all music venues pay a licence fee to have music in their venue – any royalties owed will come from money collected by the collection society. You are not affecting the small venues that you play by making a claim.

Will I get paid for every performance?
Yes you should, but keeping us informed of all of your performances will ensure that you will receive royalties for all performances as the collection society cannot monitor all venues/ radio airplay.

How should we send performance information to you?
Feel free to send us a spreadsheet containing the details of your performances via email with ‘Publishing’ in the subject line

Can I collect royalties for the cover songs I play live?
Royalties cannot be claimed for covers of songs. We are only able to work with original songs that you have written and it is only those which you can make claims for.

When will I receive the royalties I’m owed?
Royalties are distributed quarterly by the collection societies, however it will take from three to six months after you have first joined for the society to discover how much you are already owed. Therefore money should start coming through after three quarters.

How will I receive the royalties I’m owed?
This depends on whether you are a member (or not) of the collections society. If you are then you will receive the money directly. If not then we will receive the royalties on your behalf. We will then contact you with a statement and transfer your money around a week later.

What is music synchronisation?
It is an industry term describing the pairing up of music with films, TV programmes, adverts etc. We look to our range of contacts within those industries and match our music to their projects.

I can see my track in adverts and on TV – can I send you a demo?
We welcome all types of new music, however we prefer to listen to them online so fill out our enquiry form including a link to your music and we will be in touch. If this is not possible then please send to the address below.

Outpost Publishing
Arch 462, Kingsland Viaduct
83 Rivington Street

Can I use Outpost Publishing purely for synchronisation deals and not Royalty Administration?

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